Donated Funds

All donations go toward our mission of providing the public with refreshing, unbiased, and neutral hard news current events content.

**Please note that donating through the PayPal Giving Fund provides 100% of your donations to this charity without charging the organization transaction fees.**

Corporation Status
Imagine A Change is a tax-exempt nonprofit charitable organization registered in Maryland. We operate for the improvement of the general welfare of all Americans.

Federal 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charitable Organization

Imagine A Change is a tax-exempt charitable 501(c)(3) organization with the IRS. Donations are tax-deductible.

Donation and Volunteers

All donations are used to support our mission. We couldn’t survive with the donation and volunteer time and support that we receive from those that care so much about our mission. We have two types of donations and volunteers there are current (1) and lifetime (2) donor and volunteer classes.

Current volunteer and donor classes are those that are currently volunteering or donating monthly at a certain level. Lifetime volunteers and donors have reached a certain amount of donations or volunteering over time that has amounted to a substantial contribution to the organization.

Importance of Donations

Each donation and volunteer hour helps fund our organization so that we can provide quality unbiased content to the public for free. Eliminating the corporate, private, and political bias in news content helps people understand what’s truly occurring in the country and world. We help provide an essential foundation of current events that allows people to be informed without influencing their decisions for a particular interest.

Current Monthly Level Donor Volunteer
 < $100  <10 hours
Honored $100+  10+ hours
Distinguished $500+  20+ hours
Executive $1000+  40+ hours
Director’s Club $2000+  80+ hours
Founder’s Club $5000+  120+ hours

Lifetime Level Donor Volunteer
Honored  $12,000+  1,200+ hours
Distinguished  $60,000+  2,400+ hours
Executive  $120,000+  4,800+ hours
Director’s Club  $240,000+  9,600+ hours
Founder’s Club  $600,000+  14,400+ hours


 Single Donation Monthly Recurring Donations
Please use the Paypal Giving Fund to ensure 100% of your donation goes to Imagine A Change.

Recurring Donations